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01 September 2009 @ 07:49 am
Good Morning  
Who: Lady Heather, Open
What: Whatever
When: Morning, current
Where: Lady Heather's Dominion, backyard

Aiden was sweltering in the Nevada sunlight and it wasn't even noon yet. She was wearing a tank top and shorts with COYOTE UGLY written on both. It was also written on her ball-cap. She used to wear this to games when the Coyote Ugly competed with other local bars at things. It was fun, that workship camaraderie. She was hoping to establish some of that here. Once it had been announced that she was dating the boss however she knew that all she had built up with her new collegues would crumble.

Luckily she had been wrong, or at least she had been exaggerating. They treated her differently, now that they knew. But they were still kind to her, still friendly. Save one, but she hopefully wouldn't be here much longer. And if Aiden was even luckier that one would get over her issues and move on emotionally. Aiden had never considered herself lucky before. But she did now.

She blew her whistle and the people on the ground stopped doing the crunches and laid back like they'd finally been reprieved from a bout of torture. They had no idea what torture was.

"Fifty push-ups! Now! Get going group, no lollygagers here!" She shouted in drill sargent fashion. There was moaning and groaning but no one complained, not to Aiden anyway, for fear they wind up running laps, again.

"Who's bright idea..." One of the group members panted out between breaths, "was it...to hire the cop for this job?"

"Bethany's!" Someone else grumbled. She just had to...fit into that...damn dress...for that stupid wedding!"

"Now one's twisting your arm!" Bethany countered. "You all wanted to get in shape."

"Shape, not an exhausted pile of mush!"

"Enough chatter!" Aiden scolded as she paced around the group. "Pick up the pace people!"
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