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01 September 2009 @ 07:49 am
Who: Lady Heather, Open
What: Whatever
When: Morning, current
Where: Lady Heather's Dominion, backyard

Aiden was sweltering in the Nevada sunlight and it wasn't even noon yet. She was wearing a tank top and shorts with COYOTE UGLY written on both. It was also written on her ball-cap. She used to wear this to games when the Coyote Ugly competed with other local bars at things. It was fun, that workship camaraderie. She was hoping to establish some of that here. Once it had been announced that she was dating the boss however she knew that all she had built up with her new collegues would crumble.

Luckily she had been wrong, or at least she had been exaggerating. They treated her differently, now that they knew. But they were still kind to her, still friendly. Save one, but she hopefully wouldn't be here much longer. And if Aiden was even luckier that one would get over her issues and move on emotionally. Aiden had never considered herself lucky before. But she did now.

She blew her whistle and the people on the ground stopped doing the crunches and laid back like they'd finally been reprieved from a bout of torture. They had no idea what torture was.

"Fifty push-ups! Now! Get going group, no lollygagers here!" She shouted in drill sargent fashion. There was moaning and groaning but no one complained, not to Aiden anyway, for fear they wind up running laps, again.

"Who's bright idea..." One of the group members panted out between breaths, "was it...to hire the cop for this job?"

"Bethany's!" Someone else grumbled. She just had to...fit into that...damn dress...for that stupid wedding!"

"Now one's twisting your arm!" Bethany countered. "You all wanted to get in shape."

"Shape, not an exhausted pile of mush!"

"Enough chatter!" Aiden scolded as she paced around the group. "Pick up the pace people!"
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03 May 2009 @ 02:01 am
Who: Lady Heather, Open
What: Anything
Where: Lady Heather's Dominion
When: Current

It had been an easy day at work, and Aiden was thankful for it. Lady Heather had allowed her to ease back into work at her own pace. Though she was already worlds better, being ill had taken it's toll and she was now glad for her girlfriend's instance that she take it easy. She felt drained and was considering laying down for a nap after her shift was over.

She'd spent the last few hours running anti-ad&virus software on computers, changing light bulbs, lighting candles, and sending e-mails. Her last stop was Lady Heather's desk. She sat back in the chair while the software did it's thing.

Then the phone rang.

"Lady Heather's Dominion where your pain is our pleasure, this is Aiden speaking, how may I hurt you today?" she said cheerfully and quickly. She flipped open the appointment book accordingly and started to cross something out, only her pen didn't work. She searched for another on the desk top. "Oh I'm sorry to hear that. It's never fun ending a vacation in an ambulance." No pen. No working one. Seriously? Yes, no pen. "Have you tried bags of frozen peas?" She pulled out the long drawer under the desk, only to find it stuck. "They're a lot more maneuverable then standard ice packs. My surgeon recommend them." Why the hell was the drawer stuck anyway, it wasn't locked. She jiggled and pulled and shook. "Numerous things. Between all the brothers and the ice skating I started my injuries young." She bent down to peer into the drawer and tried to squeeze her fingers through. Ah hah, a file folder. That was it, that's what was stuck and keeping the drawer closed. "Tell her we all wish her a speedy recovery. Ok, bye now."
06 March 2009 @ 09:48 am
Who: Lady Heather, Open
What: Anything
Where: Lady Heather's Dominion
When: Midnight

It had been a long time since Aiden Burn had a dream like this. A dream of horrors and hollows. She dreamed of damp earth and the things that lived in it. Creatures crawling and writhing that ate their way through wood and bone and flesh. She stood above it all, coffin and corpse, stood shivering as tears threatened to freeze on her cheeks and more water fell from above as if the heavens themselves were crying.

There were deals to be made here. Souls handed over for contracts written in blood. She would do it. Would travel down to the depths to bring her back. Travel down through darkness and death. There are demons to fight there. Her own worst fears manifested into monsters that bite and claw. They make her scream and bleed but they can not deter her path. Her worst fear is behind her. Ahead is only salvation, a chance to bring back that which is most precious to her.

By the time she has been turned around and makes her way toward home she is bloodied and broken. But she doesn't care because she has gotten what she has came for and is not alone. She can feel her, just behind. A cloud of mist. But real. She can feel her touch, the slightest brush of warmth upon her neck. And that makes it worth it. The climbing and falling. The scraping and aching.

She's almost there, almost out, almost back to the world of the living. She can smell the fresh air, she can hear the rain. She almost has her, almost has her back. Warm and soft and alive. But then there's a slip and a turn and she looks.

And she's beautiful. Flawless as ever she was in life. And Aiden knows she'll never see her again. She broke the only rule. She was not allowed ot look back. She watched in silent horror as the spirit of her beloved started to fade away. Two sets of arms reach out but there is nothing tangible to hold onto as the soul, like the body, becomes dust.

Aiden woke up then. Sat straight up in bed, her mouth agape to scream but no sound coming out. Her body was sweat soaked and trembling. She quickly collapsed in on herself in a fit of silent sobbing that she feared would never stop. But it did and she turned and let herself fall atop her sleeping lover who is very much alive and well beside her. She nuzzled the woman's neck and held her tightly, finding solace as breath after breath fill her lover's lungs and expand her chest. Aiden's own chest ached and her head pounds. She can feel the adrenaline coursing through her system and worries that if she doesn't calm down her very heart will explode.

She pulled away from the sleeping woman beside her and pulled herself from the bed. She exits the bedroom slowly, she is slightly dizzy, and makes her way to the kitchen for a cold glass of water. Once she had secured her drink she goes over to stand by the window, looking out into the darkness. Rain pounds against the pane, thunder rolls overhead. She shivers, the sweat that was once hot and uncomfortable, becoming a cold though welcome reminder that she is awake and her nightmare is over.

She is about ready to turn away from the window and go back to her bed when a flash of lightening illumiantes a figure outside and she starles, her glass slipping out of her hand and falling to the floor in a loud crash that seems to echo throughout the large house.
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26 December 2008 @ 03:21 am
Who: Lady Heather, OPEN
Where: The Dominion, then...?
When: Friday Night

Aiden was bored. She had finished the Dominion paperwork that was assigned to her. She had lit all the candles in the house to make it welcoming for the clients and replaced three light bulbs. She had put on a fresh pot of coffee and had even linked every paperclip she could find into one long chain. And she was still bored.

"Watcha doing?" she asked, sitting on the edge of her boss' desk.
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10 December 2008 @ 12:40 am
Who: Open
What: Treasure Hunting...er show and tell?
Where: The Dominion
When: December 10, 2008

Aiden entered the house in confusion. It was awfully quiet. She could hear some sessions going on in the background, but still. Usually someone was milling about or just hanging out. It set her teeth on edge. She tried to remember where everyone should be at this time. But she still couldn't account for everyone.

"Anyone home?" she called cautiously. She went in through the swinging kitchen door to..no one. She didn't like this. She set her overflowing shopping bags on the kitchen table and left to go looking around, and maybe get her gun too. Just in case.
30 November 2008 @ 02:09 am
Who: Lady Heather, Open
When: November 27, 2008
What: A whole house of fun before the inevitable family holiday insanity
Where: The Dominion

Aiden had woken early to prepare the turkey and get it started in the oven before happily climbing back in bed. Then next time she awoke was for a leisurely late breakfast in bed. After all what were good pets for if not to fetch things. And if her love wanted to be dominated, well, Aiden was quite willing to dish out orders and linger on in the pleasant cusp of sleep.

When it is time to dress and face the day she leaves to dress alone, not wanting her pet to see her in costume before it's time to play. And regardless she has to baste the turkey one more time.
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31 October 2008 @ 12:16 am
Who: Everyone who's anyone
What: Halloween Party
Where: Lady Heather's Dominion
When: October 31, 2008 8pm till...
How: by taking liberties, hope you don't mind Nat, if you do feel free to delete
Why: I'm bored and am totally obsessed with Halloween

Aiden was upstairs, in the bedroom that still belonged to her despite the fact that it harbored a scant few of her possessions and that she had not slept in the bed for a while now. But upstairs kept her costume secret till the night's event. Also it kept 'helping hands' from tightening her corset too tight. It was red velvet, with silver eyelets and leather laces. It laid over a long black sleeveless dress, a split up the side clear up to her left thigh. She wore no stockings, letting the knee-high black leather boots show off her shapely legs instead. The red color of her corset was deep and smoky, as was the lipstick that she carefully applied as she stared into the vanity mirror. Her make-up was elegant but dark, as it should be for the predator she would be playing. Even her eyes held a slightly red tint thanks to a pair of contact lenses. Her hair fell across her shoulders in tight ringlets and when she stood still it hid the angry looking bite wound on her neck. There had been no pain from the wound, save from the pain in the ass it was for her to apply the prosthetic and it's makeup by herself. But again, she didn't want anyone to see her until the costume was complete. She was careful as she put the finishing touches on her ensemble, not wanting to disturb the fake fingernails and there silvery spider webbed finish.

Aiden stood up straight and gave herself the once over, opening her mouth slightly so to inspect the fangs, both upper and lowers, that truly turned her into a vampire for the evening. Satisfied, she left the bedroom and proceeded down the hallway in the direction of the main staircase. She could already hear people talking animatedly downstairs and felt a nervous flutter of excitement in her stomach.
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01 January 2002 @ 12:29 am
Who: Anyone
What: Anything
Where: Las Vegas strip, an outside restaurant
When: Lunchtime

Aiden sat at a round metal table, covered with it's checked vinyl tablecloth, watching the world go by. The restaurant's patio offered a nice view of the Las Vegas strip for those that cared to watch. Most patrons did not, talking animatedly to their companions or gazing at their romantic partners. But as Aiden was lunching alone today she could do none of those things, ergo she chose to people watch to pass the time. She didn't mind, Aiden enjoyed people watching. She was playing a game that she'd invented as a child: Guess the People. Ok, perhaps the name wasn't so original, but as a six-year-old she had felt very impressed with herself.

She looked the passersby over one by one and tried to guess what they did for a living. Lawyer, teacher, student by day stripper by night. It honed her detecting skills, she thought; and it was just plain fun.
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01 January 2002 @ 01:08 am

Who: Lady Heather, Open
What: A session or whatever
When: Current
Where: Lady Heather's Private Quarters

She wasn't late, in fact she was right on time. She went in without knocking. She didn't think there was a need considering her personal relationship with her employer, and the fact that she was expecting her. She made her way through the living area which was as silent as a church but far more welcoming. As she made her way through the silence and into the bedroom Aiden wondered briefly if the dominatrix was even here, though as far as Aiden knew she hadn't left her private little world all day. She wondered how Lady Heather dealt with all the quiet, having lived all of her life in a big city Aiden thought the quiet around The Dominion could be almost deafening at times. Not for long of course, there was the bustle of a house full of people, the screams and such from the clientele, and the symphony of wildlife outside. Aiden was glad for it, she didn't like the quiet, it made her mind wonder.

There was no one in the bedroom either, but the bathroom door was half open and Aiden could smell the scent of bubble bath before she even got to the doorway. She smirked at her boss' relaxed vision, eyes closed, and wondered what she was thinking. Aiden leaned against the door frame and thought briefly of skipping the introduction and going in search of the camera.

"Ya know you really should lock your doors."

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01 January 2002 @ 12:19 am
What: OPEN
When: Current, evening
Where: The Dominion

It was a beautiful Las Vegas evening. Not everyone would perhaps use that world to describe Sin City. But Aiden would, and she believed it completely. It was a fresh start. A new life. For her, still taking her first steps in the reconstruction of her life Las Vegas had turned out have exactly what she needed. And she was not so blind or ungrateful as to not give it proper credit for what it held. She felt at home here, and she wanted to be at home here forever.

A gentle breeze blew across the side yard, ruffling the pages of the catalog she had sitting on her lap. She’d just gotten off work and was sitting on an outside bench enjoying the last of the daylight before it faded off. It was quiet on this side of the house, away from the bustle of the back yard. And though she could hear people come and go it was not intrusive to her thinking, she was used to far more noise.

She stared intently at the picture on the page, a lovely dress with a nice cut to it. She wondered if she would look good in it. She didn’t think she could pull off the sunshine yellow, though it did say it came in green…