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31 October 2008 @ 12:16 am
Halloween Party at The Dominion  
Who: Everyone who's anyone
What: Halloween Party
Where: Lady Heather's Dominion
When: October 31, 2008 8pm till...
How: by taking liberties, hope you don't mind Nat, if you do feel free to delete
Why: I'm bored and am totally obsessed with Halloween

Aiden was upstairs, in the bedroom that still belonged to her despite the fact that it harbored a scant few of her possessions and that she had not slept in the bed for a while now. But upstairs kept her costume secret till the night's event. Also it kept 'helping hands' from tightening her corset too tight. It was red velvet, with silver eyelets and leather laces. It laid over a long black sleeveless dress, a split up the side clear up to her left thigh. She wore no stockings, letting the knee-high black leather boots show off her shapely legs instead. The red color of her corset was deep and smoky, as was the lipstick that she carefully applied as she stared into the vanity mirror. Her make-up was elegant but dark, as it should be for the predator she would be playing. Even her eyes held a slightly red tint thanks to a pair of contact lenses. Her hair fell across her shoulders in tight ringlets and when she stood still it hid the angry looking bite wound on her neck. There had been no pain from the wound, save from the pain in the ass it was for her to apply the prosthetic and it's makeup by herself. But again, she didn't want anyone to see her until the costume was complete. She was careful as she put the finishing touches on her ensemble, not wanting to disturb the fake fingernails and there silvery spider webbed finish.

Aiden stood up straight and gave herself the once over, opening her mouth slightly so to inspect the fangs, both upper and lowers, that truly turned her into a vampire for the evening. Satisfied, she left the bedroom and proceeded down the hallway in the direction of the main staircase. She could already hear people talking animatedly downstairs and felt a nervous flutter of excitement in her stomach.
Current Mood: excitedexcited