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Lady Heather's Dominion

A world of pain, pleasure and discovery

Lady Heather's Dominion - an RPG for CSI fans
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This is an RPG community set in the CSI universe. While the majority of issues in this community will reman canon (such as character histories), the idea behind this community is that all characters are interested or involved in what happens behind the doors of Lady Heather's Dominion. All relationships go in this community, if you want your character to be strictly straight, that's cool, but remember that m/m and f/f relationships and threads are also welcome here - so if you don't feel comfortable with that idea this probably isn't the place for you.

This roleplay is open to characters from all three CSI universes. But is set within Las Vegas.

This community or any of it's members have no claim to ownership of the CSI franchise or any of its characters. All characters belong to CBS, Bruckhemier and other respective owners and are being borrowed here purely for enjoyment of the fans. No monetary gain is being made from this community.

Please make sure you read and understand all the rules before joining.

1. We ask that all members be at least 16 years of age - due to the nature of the community.

2. Like all roleplays, this one deals with adult situations and will obviously have some case heavy posts, which can be rather graphic. If you feel uncomfortable with subjects such as these, please do keep in mind that these kinds of subjects will come up in this rp

3. At least one form of contact is required, such as a well used email address. However, a screen name for AIM, MSN Yahoo or other chat clients is preferred

4. Respect your fellow roleplayers above all else. Name calling, petty behaviour and flaming will not be tolerated. Whilst people may clash, please keep it out of the roleplay, and stay as respectful of each other as possible.

5. Be respectful of all roleplayers decisions. If a roleplayer does not want their character to have an involvement with yours, such as a personal relationship, don’t take it personally – they just have different ideas. Don’t push any roleplayer into a story arc that they do not wish to be part of. Don’t pester or push them into them.

6. However, if you are the one approached and do not wish to partake in a particular story arc, please be just as respectful as you would wish to be treated. Work out some sort of agreement, and use common courtesy with them.

7. A post at least once a month is expected. If for whatever reason this is not possible, please also consider this fact before joining up. If a character is taken and then never used, someone else who wished to use the character more could be missing out.

8. Please do not make posts lYkE DiS!!11!. Please keep to a good standard of punctuation, spelling and grammar. We’re not asking for military style perfection, but a post that is easy to read and understand.

9. Please, for the love of God, make sure your character journal makes it clear that neither us, nor you own the character.

10. We respect that as happens in real life, characters will form relationships, will quite probably have sexual relations, but please make sure that these threads state you are not inside The Dominion. As the good people at CSI have made perfectly clear, The Dominion is not about having sex. (The one exception to this is Lady Heather entertaining in her private quarters).

11. To avoid confusion for all parties, in your application post please state the sexuality of your character. It would be awkward and embarassing if you are playing your character as one sexuality and another character makes a move which is out of the question.

12. When applying, please put ‘please dominate me’ as your application heading. This is just so we know you’ve read the rules, and so will have a good understanding of what to expect.

Read all that? Great!

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